Tuition and Fees

Registration and Refund Policy

A non-refundable registration fee is required when submitting an application. Parents are additionally responsible for one month’s tuition following written notification of a child’s withdrawal.

Tuition Policy and Current Rates

Parents are responsible for tuition, to be paid in monthly installments. Tuition rates for a given period apply during a session or school year. For example, 2016-2017 tuition rates are applicable from late August 2016 to early June 2017, and summer 2017 tuition rates are applicable for the three 2017 summer sessions from June to August.

If you have more than one child enrolled at Greenwood, please pay for each child with a separate check. Families with more than one child enrolled at Greenwood receive a tuition discount. The youngest child's tuition is the regular rate, and all older children receive a 10% tuition discount.

A financial assistance program is available for those who qualify. Please see the Director for details. Information about applying for financial assistance is provided in the enrollment packet that is available in the spring for the following school year. Assistance applications must be submitted by late spring for the following school year.

Tuition: 2016-2017

                       Weekly  Bi-Monthly   Monthly   3 Full Days   5 Morning   3 Morning

Infant               $350          $750         $1500         n/a              n/a              n/a

Toddlers           $316          $680         $1359         n/a              n/a              n/a

2-yr-olds                                             $990       $832            $699            $627

3 & 4-yr-olds                                       $957       $802            $670            $601

Kindergarten                                       $957         n/a              n/a              n/a

Monthly rates for August 2016 are: Infants-$488; Toddlers-$442; Two Year Olds-$322; Three Year Olds, Four Year Olds and Kindergarten-$311. Monthly rates for June 2016 are: Infants-$418; Toddlers-$379; Two Year Olds-$322; Three Year Olds, Four Year Olds, and Kindergarten-$267. Tuition is due monthly by the 10th of each month. After the 10th a late fee of $15.00 is assessed to your account. Arrangements can be made for you to pay the first half by the 1st of the month and the balance by the 15th. Late pick up fees after 6:00 pm: $5.00 for the first 5 minutes and $2.00 for each minute after the first 5 minutes. An example: If you pick up your child at 6:15 pm your fee would be $25.00 ($5 for 5 minutes and $2 times 10 minutes). This is billed at the beginning of the following month. There will be a $30.00 fee for each returned check.