Progression through School

Policy Regarding Progression of Pupils Through the School

Pupils enter Greenwood School and are generally placed in a class according to their age. The children then progress through each level of the school. An exception to this policy is a student whose teacher and/or parent feel(s) that the age appropriate class is not suitable for the child at that time. In these situations the Director, the teacher and the parents will meet to discuss and work out a viable solution.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the Director will make the final decision. The progression of children going to new classes is given a great deal of thought. The final decision includes: teacher input, parent input, the ratios of boys and girls, the total make up of the classroom, and full/part time students.

Important Dates

November 4     Friends of Greenwood Fall Get-Together, 3-5pm, University Park

November 7     Fall Bake Sale, 11am-1pm; Metro III Main Lobby

November 7     Claire's Gourmet Delivery

November 9     Veteran's Day Observed; School Closure

November 23-24     Thanksgiving Holiday; School Closure