About Greenwood

About Greenwood

Greenwood School has been serving the community in its present space since 1987. The school currently has about 135 students in 9 classes for infants through kindergarten. It serves approximately 125 families from around the DC metro area. Through collaboration with the non-profit Friends of Greenwood, Board of Directors, we offer tuition assistance to families as well as education benefits for the School's hard working and dedicated teachers.

The school began its operation in 1966 under the name of Folwell Nursery School and Kindergarten. It was housed in shared space with the University Christian Church next to Northwestern High School. The school name was changed in 1985 to Greenwood School and in 1987 moved to the present location. In 1992 Greenwood School became a GSA National Capital Region Child Care Center (http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/101942) given that many Greenwood families work in federal agencies in the University Town Center complex as well as the Maryland/DC metropolitan area. Greenwood School is NAEYC accredited through August 2018.

Greenwood School Philosophy                          

At Greenwood we have a deep commitment to a quality preschool education and day care. We feel an outstanding preschool should provide a warm, loving atmosphere where a child can grow intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. Each class is taught in a positive and non-threatening manner which allows for stimulation and growth. We feel children should be treated with respect so they will value the feelings and ideas of others.

Greenwood believes each day of a child’s life is full of curiosity and learning. Parents and teachers play an important role in responding to and supporting learning experiences. By working together, we can help our children develop into healthy, intelligent human beings. Our teachers are college graduates and experienced in early childhood. Our faculty consists of teachers, senior staff, and aides. Greenwood serves children from varied economic, social, racial/ethnic backgrounds and family structures.

Greenwood School’s physical facilities have sufficient floor space in nine classrooms to accommodate all of our children. Each room is divided into clearly defined learning centers with materials and equipment appropriate for that learning center and the age of the children.

Our faculty strongly believes that children learn through first hand experiences, structured and unstructured play activities, and involvement with their peers. The staff at Greenwood helps create an environment that is conducive to learning in this manner.


Important Dates

November 4     Friends of Greenwood Fall Get-Together, 3-5pm, University Park

November 7     Fall Bake Sale, 11am-1pm; Metro III Main Lobby

November 7     Claire's Gourmet Delivery

November 9     Veteran's Day Observed; School Closure

November 23-24     Thanksgiving Holiday; School Closure